Home they Brought her Warrior Dead

    Every day is a challenge to everyone.. whenever to overcome a situation, student, employer, employee, poor, middle,rich, toiling in the greenfield, battling in the Warfield.. the situation differ..

     But a person fighting on behalf of the nation is a great personality.. sitting in our home peacefully hoping that the nation is in the safe hands of the personnel who fight against the enemies, terrorists day and night is commendable..A big royal salute to their services..

   Recently we have a situation in the border fighting against China and we lost twenty brave soldiers.. whether they be sippoys, naiks, colonel, leiutinent, major, etc., What ever be there cadre they are humans sacrificing their valuable life for the sake of crores of people..

    One such situation, where a warrior lost his life during the war and his body brought to his home.. The entire family was in a   grim situation.. people are weeping, sighing, some louder some within their hearts..

   The beloved wife sitting by the side of his everloving warrior husband.. starring him with her wide opened eyes..no tears on her eyes.. wooden faced, no emotions.. everyone sitting around her are feary since her non reflection of her emotions will result in fatal.. some elders advice her to outburst.. some console her praising the good deeds of the departed..no use.. the grief stricken wife doesn’t pay any heed..then came an old lady taking the infant of her and placed it on her lap..the magic happened..she out bursted..her tears rolled on her cheeks..till such time she was in the mood of killing herself as she felt there is nothing after her husband’s loss.. now she realised that she should live.. she’s having a liability.. she’s having a lovable child.. which she has to take care.. which will give her a courage to overcome the circumstances..she loudly cried and said ” hey! Lovable,! I am here to be with you.. I will take care.. I will live for you..”

This is a poem written by Alfred, Lord Tennyson..

This poem everyone of us could have read in our school days..This has made an impact on me.. whenever I saw the news of the death of a warrior in the news..this poem roam in my ears..


Home they brought her warrior dead:

         She nor swoon’d nor utter’d cry:

All her maidens, watching, said,

         “She must weep or she will die.”

Then they praised him, soft and low,

         Call’d him worthy to be loved,

Truest friend and noblest foe;

         Yet she neither spoke nor moved.

Stole a maiden from her place,

         Lightly to the warrior stepped,

Took the face-cloth from the face;

         Yet she neither moved nor wept.

Rose a nurse of ninety years,

         Set his child upon her knee—

Like summer tempest came her tears—

         “Sweet my child, I live for thee.”


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I am a senior citizen by age but not on my thoughts and feelings..

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